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Bude Ladies 0 - 3 Alphington

Conditions were tough for the Bude ladies as they played away to Alphington. Another hot, humid day combined with a rock hard pitch and a few too many drinks the night before for the Curtis sister's birthdays saw a 3-0 loss to a strong Alphington team!

Despite the difficult playing conditions, Bude started well, pressuring the Alpha defence from the start. Some great play from the midfield pairing of Taz and Courtney saw Sarah Badham through on goal with a clean finish. However, this was considered offside as was another similar setup on goal shortly after. Frustratingly, this continued and Bude found themselves struggling a little. The home team took this advantage and scored two goals in quick succession to put themselves in the lead. Bude rallied with Anna and Katherine working hard on the wings. Lisa Cornish fought well in goal before being replaced by Taz and using her strength and vision in central defence alongside Steph Smeeth. The pairing along with Claire Gifford and Tidge battled hard throughout the game, pressing the alpha strikers and stopping a number of attacking plays.

Clare and Sarah Badham worked tirelessly up front, but chances were slim for the sisters and they were unlucky to get any clear shots on goal. Charlie and Caitlin worked together in midfield against a strong setup from the home team, but with the Alphington team scoring a goalmouth fumble just before the full-time whistle, the final score was 3-0.

Despite two losses on the first two games of the season, the ladies are hoping to improve in their upcoming games. With a number of new players coming in, and some youngsters joining the squad, things are looking promising.

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